Rachel Battarbee
Founder and Principal

Rachel Battarbee is the principal of RJB Consulting based in Southern Maine and is a commercially aware individual proven in Product Development, Sourcing and Supply Chain management.


RJB Consulting is focused on guiding and supporting new and emerging businesses in the field of product development, sourcing and supply chain. Additionally, Rachel works with mid and large size businesses in strategy formation, process refienments and product line development.


Rachel’s breadth of experience ranges across diverse businesses in the UK and USA including Fortune 500 businesses.   Her career began working on the supply side for an apparel sourcing company.  Recognizing her interest and flair to be on the driving side of business, Rachel soon transitioned to the buying side of business, working with large multi national organisations such as Marks and Spencer, Timberland and L.L. Bean.  This varied experience has built an intensive, broad-based approach to understanding the Product Development and commercialization process.


Roles Rachel has excelled at throughout her career include merchandising, allocations, product development, sourcing, process and people management.

Through her career, Rachel has constantly been sought out to lead and influence business strategic initiatives including process building and change, systems integration and new product launches.

Most recently, she led a team to create a start-up apparel brand building teams, new processes, building a global supply chain and delivering over $15M product annually.


Rachel is a keen volunteer and serves on boards in the greater Portland region. 

Rachel resides in Southern Maine with her family.